Jan 20, 2014

A quick hello and favorite internet things

Last week was ridiculous and with a show this week, I'm loving my epic day off. Snuggles on the couch, going to the gym and just having a real day of rest. 
Why yes there is laundry to do, cars to wash and other work but sometimes I need to stop moving.

In honor of all my laying around, I bring you my favorite things from the internet lately. 

This buzzfeed article about the end of Sherlock season 3.  (this has MAJOR spoilers. I have watched all of season 3 despite the U.S. premiere being last night but if you haven't, don't click on it.) 

Speaking of nerd things, I have recently found nerd friends to conqueror the internet with. Michelle (how was I late to that party???), Meg and Abby . It's nice to have people to talk to about things like Sherlock and Doctor Who. We've also begun converting Fran so if you need some people to talk to you into such shows, we're your gals. 

Speaking of Fran, she instagrammed this photo to me today. She working on a new blog design for me and I am SO thrilled (and honored) that she is working on some hand lettering in preparation. Look for that in February. 

Speaking of instagram, every time Erika instagrams a picture of Walter, Miller or Walter and Millie I get the soft and fuzzies. Her kids=the cute.  

Speaking of kids, when Chris and I get around to having one or two, we'll always be able to tell them the story of how the Seahawks either lost or won against the All Mighty Broncos in Super Bowl 48. And how Richard Sherman was the most loved and hated man on the internet for a day. 

Side note: Home boy had just SURVIVED one of the toughest games played this year between the two most physical teams in the NFL. That interview was minutes after he made the game ending play sending the Seahawks to the super bowl and everyone expects him to be composed. You ask these guys to be gladiators on the field and when they live up to it, people freak out. Shut up and get your your social expectations situated. 

And speaking of athletic wear, I need to get my butt of the couch and get ready for the gym. Group Step is calling my name to help me not feel so bad about my couch potato day. 


  1. OH NO. Judging by the picture I'm guessing Sherlock doesn't end well? HALP.

    I am so glad we can be nerd friends! I have needed friends like you guys. AND now I need to watch Doctor Who. That's been on my list for awhile.

  2. I am on the US schedule for Sherlock so I just watched the first one last night. OH MY GOODNESS! It's so good, I'm already anticipating the emotions in a couple weeks. I hate that there's only 3 episodes. :/

  3. Yay for nerd friends! Twitter made me so happy this weekend haha

  4. Um, you are super sweet. :) Thank you!


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