Mar 1, 2016

Currently reading, having recently read and future reads

Chiropractic school is a little microcosm where you find people considering you differently than you've ever been considered before. Three things I'm known for at school are:

Being REALLY physically flexible which to me is silly having spent so much time in the dance world.

Being a Type A person which to me is silly because these people have obviously never seen my home, car, inside of my bags etc and they have never seen my mother in her Type A glory. I'm definitely someone who can be intense but Type A? Me thinks not. B+ for sure...but not type A.

And finally, being an avid reader which is really not that silly at all! Even in the throes of school, I have not forsaken my love of reading. I may not burn through books like I did before school but I definitely have a consistent rotation in effect at most times. Here's what my reading has looked like recently...

Fates and Furies by Lauren Groff

I picked this one up without knowing it is frequently compared to Gone Girl...which I couldn't finish because I hated the characters so much. While I haven't completely given up on this one, I'll be real and say that I put the book down about 2 months ago and haven't picked it back up. The pace is a little slow and while I don't hate the characters, I also don't find myself caring very much about them either. I'm not sure when the mood will strike me again to pick it back up but until then, it remains at my bedside.

Me: The Story of My Life by Katherine Hepburn

I'm a big Katherine Hepburn fan. She is an actress who is so fascinating to me and this book just elevates my opinion of her. Written in a fairly stream of consciouness/conversational way, it's easy to roll right along with her pace. What an interesting woman she was, to be sure. The way she was steadfast on her path without much care for whatever one else was doing or expected her to do is pretty inspirational. I also have to admit I'm a sucker for any story about her and Spencer Tracey. Their love affiar was so complicated and probably not one that should be admired but I do anyway.
“Love has nothing to do with what you are expecting to get — only what you are expecting to give — which is everything. What you will receive in return varies. But it really has no connection with what you give. You give because you love...” 

The Snow Child by Eowyn Ivey

I read this by the recommednation of quite a few people and I was not disappointed. Right up front, anything about Alaska is pretty much always a go for me. There are a few books where that is certainly NOT the case (WTF Into the Wild) but this one made me wishing for home. As for the writing itself, the feel of it goes between a sense of urgent reality mixed with fairy tale. The two themes are set up so close together that there isn't a chance to get tired of either and I found myself struggling to keep the line between the two clear. While this could be a bad thing, the intentional quality of the position of the themes made it so I wasn't trying to keep up or felt I was being pulled in different directions. It made me wistfully sad and the end doesn't do anything to resolve that feeling. It was a pretty short read for me and while I did like it, it left me wanting for something to read next time that doesn't leave a lot of ambiguity.
“It was beautiful, Mabel knew, but it was a beauty that ripped you open and scoured you clean so that you were left helpless and exposed, if you lived at all.” 

The Little Prince by Antoine de Saints

Somehow I made it up to 27 without reading this book. It took me only about 2 hours to finish it and I cried so hard at the end without really understanding why. I think the themes of being left behind and the ways in which lonliness manifests itself whether it's counting stars or assuming Kingship over no one but ourselves because there is no one else really got to me. They still get to me even as I write this! Sometimes, I read classics and wonder how they got to be that way. For this one, it's not hard to understand.
“I remembered the fox. One runs the risk of crying a bit if one allows oneself to be tamed.” 

“The most beautiful things in the world cannot be seen or touched, they are felt with the heart.”

As for what is next, I've got Heart Shaped Box by Joe Hill waiting in the wings. I have recently discovered and it has been quite a dangerous find especially where my overstuffed bookshelf is concerned. I bought Heart Shaped Box, The Little Prince and the second Dark Tower book for 10 dollars and free shipping. A dangerous place, I'm telling you....

And that's where I'm at with my reading these days. What is everyone else reading? Joe Hill, much like his Dad, writes books I burn through so it would be good to have something else once I'm done there.


Feb 16, 2016

This quarter in Chiropractic school

I thought it would be fun to start writing about what chiropractic school looks like. No, it's not just moving bones and shit like that though that part is pretty cool. I'm earning the D.R. that's going to be in front of my name and here's a glimpse of what that looks like (When I'm not home dealing with gallbladder issues, of course)

At my school, your first year and a half is all basic science (various biology classes, neruo classes, nutrition, anatomy, various body systems physiology etc) and technique classes. By your second year, you're getting into clinical training (examination classes, case history, differential diagnosis, radiology etc) and then your last year or so is being in clinic seeing patients, taking business and more fine tuning classes to end out the 3.5 years of school. At my school, we don't have any classes on minor surgeries or pharmaceuticals. I want to focus on the tools I need as a chiropractor (my scope of practice won't include prescription drugs or minor surgeries) and leave those areas to medical doctors who take a lot of classes to be really good at that.

As for where I am at with classes, each quarter brings new and exciting things as I am halfway through my 6th quarter. My favorite to this point are hands down, neurology classes. Why yes, chiropractors have EXTENSIVE neurology education. Do you think we adjust the spine or any other body part and NOT now how the nervous system is affected? That would be straight up silly. So far, I have had about 200 hours of neurology classes and I still have a ton left to go. I will also be taking neurology seminars for chiropractors as they come up in the bay area. I could tell you all the reasons why I'm so into neurology but I'll just leave it at this: your nervous system is incredible and the most fascinating thing about you. Trust me on this one.

Anyways, back to this quarter in Chiropractic school. I am taking Public Health, Basic Nutrition, Cardiovascular pathophysiology, Gonstead A (Gonstead is a technique used to analyze and adjust the spine. This course is all about lumbar and pelvic adjustments), Endocrinology, and Bones and Joints pathologies. Each class has it's own...eccentricities as far as the instructors are all concerned but each fairly interesting in it's own way. Except Basic Nutrition. That class could be awesome but the teacher is a train wreck so there's that. Endocrine is probably the coolest in terms of learning the complete craziness that is the orchestration of hormones in the body. It's ridiculous, complex and awesome.

As for the technique class I'm taking, I want to share a video from a great doc in New Zealand who uses the Gonstead technique to adjust patients. This video is a little long but if you want to see what can happen with specific, well delivered chiropractic adjustments...check it out. The kid in it couldn't stand up straight for 3 months. 3 MONTHS. The first couple of adjustments are kind of intense as you may expect when you move something that hasn't moved in the body in a few months and is suppose to move. That being said, the end result is amazing. Chiropractors aren't about healing people, we're about giving the body the tools to heal itself and this video does a great job of showing how that is possible just by reintroducing movement into the spine.


Feb 9, 2016


She had a mind like a box of fireworks and hands that recklessly played with matches

Upon first glance, I'm not really what you would call a tough bitch. I like to compromise, I let a lot of people get their way and frequently, I'm willing to chose the path of least resistance when it comes to personal life things. I find there are many things to smile and laugh about. I'm loud not for attention but because I don't really know any other way. It's easy to find happiness in the mundane and everyday.

Underneath all of that lies something a little different. A little darker, more demanding and decidedly intense. For a long time, I honestly thought I was bipolar. My happiness is almost never faked. Either I'm really enjoying life or I'm really not. It all use to really align well with where I was in a creative cycle. If I was creating choreography, I was riding high. If I was struggling with sadness or depression, I wasn't making anything I liked. When I create dances, I like to look at that relationship we all have with our selves. Light and dark...good and bad...measured and extreme...simple and complex...whatever you want to call it. The act of making work about something I deal with was cathartic and excessively satisfying. Through creation of something beautiful, I made the way I viewed myself beautiful, too.

Without that creative outlet, I suffer. Or have been suffering. Not moving unhinged me. I lost any semblance of balance I worked really hard to gain. And then I changed it. I started dancing again. I started yoga-ing on a consistent basis. I started working for a catering company. I picked up a couple hours of tutoring a week. I'm moving more and simply by choosing to do so, I'm starting to upswing and stabilize. I'm starting to remember what it's like to be the way I am and to not care if it is too much for someone else to handle.

Some people are just born to move and I was born to move a little more than the average person. Some people are steady in their movement and I'm more like a firework. A controlled explosion of sorts. It's no good to stifle me or to keep me in a box of expectation just because I can be what's expected of me. The problems all happen when I say fuck it and do exactly what I want. Just like a firework gone astray and people wonder what happened to something that can be so compliant and beautiful.

A mixture of fire and air is what happened.

Every now and then, people need to be reminded of what the nature of that relationship actually is.
Every now and then, I need to be reminded.

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Feb 2, 2016

It's alive...


But really. Just look at it. The colors, the flowers, the fonts and all of the other things that make this space bright and shiny and new.

Did I mention how pretty it is?

This design is everything to me. So were the last 3 designs by Fran which tells you how invaluable she really is to me as an amature blogger.

To have a designer who works together with you is everything. To be real, I was a little bit of a challenge on this one especially after the first draft. The problem wasn't what I wanted but realizing that what I said I wanted wasn't all I wanted...if that makes sense. For me, whimsey will always be a thing. Bright colors will always be a thing. A touch of asymmetry will always be a thing. A little bit of a mess will always be a thing. And to me those are all really good things. A lot of movement, a little imperfect and just the right amount of structure. Fran got it with this design and I'm glad (as I always have been) to put the look of this space in her hands.

I'm still working out the best way to utilize this space while being as crazy busy as I am. Katy at Lovely Friend manages to do it in Med school so really, there's no excuse for me as chiropractic student to not find the time. I'll just say that I'm making lists and very loose schedules so that I at least have a frame work to go from.

Anyways, I'll be updating pages and things over the week because this new look deserves everything to be just right.

And be sure to give Fran some love if you are digging what you see.


Jan 13, 2016

While I wait.

I'm getting a new blog design soon from Fran and I'm really excited. Because duh, it's Fran and we go way back but also because I'm finally updating the space to where I am now. I love this design that I still have. Love. Love. Love. It's fun and playful and really served me well for the past 2ish years. But times, they are a'changin and I must change too. While my life is still fun and playful, it's also becoming a little more professional. It's time for here to reflect that. I want to write more about my journey into becoming a chiropractor, how that looks with my spouse doing the exact same thing, what health and wellness information I'm gaining daily, but also, I just want to be able to write somewhere that feels like it is how I am now and not how I was years ago.

How much will actually change about my writing remains to be seen. I love having this space to vent and be as open as I have been. But I do have other things to write about, too. For now, my professional and personal world stay connected in this space but I know in the next few years that will change. This is just a movement towards that which a new blog design will help with.

And while I wait, I want to leave you with the mood board for the space. Mostly because I love looking at it but also so you can see what's to come.